FUTURE DOMAIN OF: https://n9nu.us GOAL: I am currently developing a new site that will contain all of the data and interests of mine that I had shown on several different sites. Below is the content layout: (1) Amateur Radio: Linux Apps/Howtos's/Programming/Etc. (2) Aviation: Pictures/apps/information re: my commercial license and currenty activity/my home airport: IS65 (3) Firearms: Pictures/my own firearms/howtos and information (4) PRS Guitars: My own PRS guitars and my current amps/fx/recording/etc. (5) PC Gaming: This will include my favorite genere of Flight Simulation. I will concentrate on Prepar3D 4.x - X-Plane 11 - D.C.S World and others as they come out. I will have my current software/hardware shown and any mods I have made. (6) PC Programming & Linux: All the programming I do is via Linux and I will be posting any open source (GNU/GPL) software I design here. (7) Severe Weather: As an emergency manager as well as doing the above, I am very much into severe weather for research and educational purposes. I will primarily be showing my own pictures & videos that I have taken and just giving a little 'what is that' type of context along with it. I will still have my own FTP server open (with restrictions based on file size, content, etc. for contained uploads and downloads on a request basis. I WILL be hosting all the updated Linux files I used to have on 'Linux-4-Hams' back in the early 2000's for ham radio operators to download once again. This was the most popular section of my old web site: 'n9nu.net' which is now owned by some clowns who buy up expired domains. I am NOT paying to buy it from them either; thus this new page 'n9nu.us'. I really would like to establish a new TLD (Top Level Domain) of '.ham' so every operator could use one. Establishing a TLD is VERY EXPENSIVE...as in $10,000++ at the BARE MINIMUM, thus I don't expoect it to happen anytime soon. The new site of course will take a few months to complete [for myself that is] as I have other projects I am working at present...as well as work. I hope to have it up by August 1, 2019.I will keep posting updates as needed to ensure a heads-up to certain pages that will be done before others. Thank You Tim Dickerson ARS: N9NU QTH: WoodLake Landing (Sandwich Airport) ICAO: IS65